1. Select your case

Case selection is the first step in the printing process. Depending on your project requirements​,​ you may need a case that’s tough and​ waterproof with a lifetime warranty​—​NANUK is the case you need. Looking for something stylish and affordable? Our Designer series may be the way to go. Once the case is chosen​,​ the final step in the selection process is to decide on a color.

Select Your Case
Send us your logo along with size, color and positioning requirements

2. Send us your logo along with size, color and positioning requirements

To prepare your logo for print we require artwork in vector format such as native .AI or .EPS files. JPEG and other pixel type images cannot be used. Size and location can be indicated either by a drawing or simply ​be described in an email (​t​emplates are available for all cases). If your logo requires a custom color, simply provide us with the Pantone color code and we ​could​ produce a perfect match.

3. Plasticase will prepare a digital proof for review

Our team of graphic designers will create a virtual layout of your logo on the case in the chosen color for your review. This digital proof is a great way to visualize your artwork on the case before approving for production.

Plasticase will prepare a digital proof for review
Customer Approval

4. Customer approval

Your ​S​ales ​R​epresentative will send you the digital proof by email for your review and approval. If the artwork layout is to your satisfaction, simply sign and return the document ​to proceed to​ production. If changes are required​,​ we will modify the digital proof and resend for final approval.

5. Production

Once the artwork is approved​,​ we can move ​towards​ production. During this phase​,​ the films required for printing are prepared and the colors are precisely mixed to match your specifications. Our specialized equipment ensures that every case is printed accurately with the correct positioning, color​,​ and sizing requirements.

Quality Control

6. Quality control

The printing process is constantly monitored to ensure​ ​consistent quality throughout the production cycle. Important elements checked during the QC process include​:​ color matching, logo size​,​ and placement​,​ as well as coverage and opacity. Our strict document control process ensures that all ​unique​ specifications to your project are clearly indicated to ensure ​that​ each production meets your expectations.

7. Finished product

Once the printing process is complete​,​ the case is ready to be shipped or ​make its way​ to the custom foam department for final assembly. Whether you need ​10 or 10,000​ cases, Plasticase has the expertise to deliver a complete case solution on time and on budget.

Finished Product