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Desiccant containers

Nanuk Reusable Desiccating Containers protect all types of ​items​ from deterioration, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, and other damage​s caused by moisture or high humidity. Simply place a Desiccating Container together with the item​ ​that is​ to be protected in a tightly closed or sealed moisture resistant container. Desiccating Container will rapidly and actively remove moisture and maintain dryness of the surrounding air to protect against moisture damage. It will absorb up to 34% of its own weight in water vapor.

Silica gel beads are orange in color when active (dry). The gel beads will gradually change color from orange to green as they absorb moisture. Once the gel beads turn green, they are no longer active and must be heated to remove the accumulated moisture using a conventional oven at 250° F for 3 hours. Avoid overheating while drying. When the color of the gel beads returns to orange, the container is ready to be reused.


* Shop now available in Canada and USA only

Nanuk Desiccant Orange

Ready to use

Nanuk Desiccant Green

No longer active

Desiccant Material: Orange Silica Gel beads
Size: L5.9" x W3.5" x H0.4"
Packaging material:
Canister: Aluminium
Outer packaging: foil bag
Shelf life: Removed from foil bag: 3-6 months (depending on use) Sealed foil bag: up to 3 years
Storage: Store in a dry cool area out of direct sunlight.