NANUK accessories

Cubed foam

Made of high quality polyurethane foam, the multi-layered set of customizable inserts includes a pre-scored removable layer. This layer consists of foam squares that can be removed in various configurations to accommodate the contents of the case. This solution is ideal if you are seeking a quick and easy way to protect and organize your items.


* Shop now available in Canada and USA only

  • A Convoluted Lid Foam
  • B Pre-cut Cubed Foam Layer
  • C Base Pad

Personalize your case in 3 easy steps

Cubed Foam Step 01 1 Mesure

Place all of your equipment on top of the pre-cut grid. Distribute until you have a suitable arrangement. For ultimate security, be sure to include a two-inch margin around your valuables.

Cubed Foam Step 02 2 Remove

Remove the foam according to the shape outline by plucking it with your fingers or use a cutting tool for a more precise contour. Several tools allow you to effectively cut the foam: kitchen knife, exacto knife, hot wire cutter, electric knife.

Cubed Foam Step 03 3 Protect

Once the foam is cut, place your equipment back to check that everything fits. Adjust as needed if necessary.